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Telephone Messaging System (previously known as Harry)

Telephone Messaging System is an interactive voice messaging system with two primary functions Dial IN & Dial OUT

Dial IN-allows patrons to access information (w/ touch tone phone).
Dial OUT-allows the library to send phone messages to patrons.

REASONS FOR USING The Telephone Messaging System?

Convenience to patrons:
Telephone Messaging System allows patrons direct access without coming to the library. Saves time by handling functions over the phone. (Can make 275-300 calls per hour.)


The Telephone Messaging System will call three times per day for 2 days. It will allow the phone to ring 6 times. If it does not get an answer it will generate a mail notice. The Telephone Messaging System works from 9-8 Monday thru Thursday, 9-6 Friday, 9-5 Saturday, and 2-5 Sunday. The Telephone Messaging System will call on all days except major holidays.
Renewal rules remain the same. If an item is reserved, the Telephone Messaging System will politely say that it may not be renewed. Items can only be renewed one time.

Dial OUT - Each day a list of patrons with overdues and items being held is generated. The Telephone Messaging System calls the patrons on that list. Before it delivers a message, it asks for verification that the person on the line is the person for whom the message is intended. Verification is by barcode number.
If the person indicates that patron is not available, the Telephone Messaging System hangs up and calls another time. When there is no response, the Telephone Messaging System assumes an answering machine has answered and delivers the message.
It repeats the message 3 times to make certain it is properly recorded. When the patron is told he has an overdue item, he is given the option to renew that item and to hear his current fines. If an item is being held, the patron may confirm that hold or cancel that hold. Those patrons not reached will receive a paper notice for overdues.


Dial IN - Call (318) 327-1496 or (318) 327-1497. Identify yourself by entering your library card barcode number. Listen to the menu of options and press the appropriate number. The options will allow you to renew titles, list titles on loan (checked out), cancel titles being held, and find out what fines or charges you have. You can return to the list of options by pressing the pound (#) key on your phone. You may exit by pressing the star (*) key. The patron's record is automatically updated after any task they perform.



You must use a touch tone phone and have a library card barcode number.
If you have any questions about the Telephone Messaging System, call your nearest branch or Eileen Kontrovitz at 327-1490.